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Windsurfing - wingsurfing - SUP - sailboats - kayaks - pedal boats

If you want to be active and practise sports in your free time at Lake Neusiedl, you can rent windsurfing equipment, wings, SUPs, kayaks, sailboats and pedal boats at Surf- und Segelschule Nordstrand. At the check-in we ask you kindly to deposit an ID and € 40 in cash, which will be refunded when you check out.


Our windsurfing station offers a wide range of equipment with the latest boards and sails from the brands Fanatic and Duotone. At our place you can find the right equipment for all wind conditions and every level of windsurfing. For beginners we provide stable boards with a lot of volume and light sails which are easy to lift. The beginner’s equipment guarantees fast progress and fun during the learning process. Advanced surfers can choose from a broad range of boards and sails of different sizes and types: freeride, freestyle, race and wave for especially strong winds. Our rental base is well equipped with boards reaching from 69l to180l volume and sails from 1.5 m² to 7.8m². For children we offer special kids’ windsurfing equipment with boards that are very easy to maneuver and very light inflatable i-Rigs. Of course, you can also rent a harness and a wetsuit if needed.


Wingsurfing is a new watersport that is booming. It is a sport for everyone, practicable at any age, allowing quickly to have fun and to practice wingsurfing only a gentle breeze is needed. At our surfing base you can rent the latest Fanatic wing and foil equipment of different sizes. To rent a wing or a wing with SUP Board or Windsurfboard you should have basic surfing skills or visited a wingsurfing trial course. If you want to rent a wingfoil, basic foil skills meaning you can go up- and downwind without any problems, are required. If you have not reached this level yet or if you do not feel safe enough to practice by yourself we recommend you to join one of our wingsurfing or wingfoil classes with our certified wingsurfing instructors. In addition to equipment rental we offer you a boat shuttle.


If you have basic sailing skills, you can rent a dinghy at our rental base. Upon presentation of a basic sailing license or a BFA license, Ixylon boats are available for you. The boats are sportive, very responsive and suited for 3-4 persons maximum. If you want to refresh or improve your skills you can also book a class with one of our certified sailing instructors.


Stand Up Paddling - Kayak - Pedal boats

For those who prefer to rest and relax, our SUPs from Fanatic, kayaks our pedal boats are the right choice.

SUP is the abbreviation for Stand-Up-Paddling. Over the last years it has become a trendy sport as it is easy to learn, it is an excellent training for the balance, a great fitness workout and at the same time very relaxing. This watersport is suited for all ages and fun for the whole family. Our rental base offers different types of SUP boards in different sizes. Those who try for the first time as well as experienced stand-up paddlers will find the right board at our rental base.

Here you can find an overview about our rental prices:

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