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Windsurfing - Sailing - Stand Up Paddling

Upon request we send you our schoolsports brochure with detailed course information.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the organization of school sport weeks and project days. Our school is licensed by the WSVO and schools from all parts of Austria rely on our expertise. Our certified windsurfing and sailing instructors are pleased to pass on their passion for watersports to all students at ages from 11 to 18.

Enjoying nature, moving in the fresh air and learning a new sport! National Park Lake Neusiedl with its mild Pannonian climate is a popular destination for school sport weeks. Sunny days and warm water, the perfect conditions to practice watersports, can already be expected in spring. Podersdorf am See is located at the longest stretch surrounding the lake, free from reed and mud, offering solid soil. Together with the consistent wind conditions and the flat and shallow water, our school is situated at the perfect place to learn and to practise windsurfing, sailing or SUP.

Outside of the daily school routine and far away from the pressure to perform, students can discover and try new sports like windsurfing, sailing or stand-up-paddling. Not only mobility skills but social skills as well are transmitted during school sports weeks and school project days. The positive effect on students’ self-esteem and on class community could be detected in various German-speaking studies. Important key qualifications as team spirit, integration, tolerance and helpfulness can be learnt or improved in a pleasant environment.

Our services for school sport weeks and project days


  • 10-classes windsurfing course € 105

  • 15-classes windsurfing course € 150
    At the end of the 15-classes course, students have the possibility to take an exam, composed of a theoretical and a practical part to acquire the school sport windsurfing license.
    School sport windsurfing license examination fee: € 22

      Special deal for project days​

  • 2-classes windsurfing course € 30

  • 3- classes windsurfing course € 42

  • 4-classes windsurfing course € 50


  • 10-classes sailing course € 115

  • 15-classes sailing course € 160
    At the end of the 15-classes course, students have the possibility to take an exam, composed of a theoretical and a practical part to acquire the school sports sailing licence.
    School sport sailing license examination fee: € 22

Stand Up Paddling

  • 10-classes SUP course € 105

      Special deal for project days

  • 2-classes SUP course € 30

  • 3-classes SUP course € 42

  • 4-classes SUP course € 50

Included: SUP Board and Paddle, Wetsuit, life jacket, certified SUP instructor.

Depending on your preferences, the duration of the course you choose and the students skills we offer different SUP activities: 

Introduction of stand up paddle basics, maneuvers, paddle techniques, teambuilding exercises, balance exercises, relay race, SUP Polo, guided SUP Tour to discover lake neusiedl


Rentals for school groups

  • Rental SUP (Board/Paddle) € 15/hour

  • Rental Peddalboat (max. 4 people per Boat) € 14/hour

  • Kayak 1 seat € 15/hour

  • Kayak 2 seats € 20/hour


There are plenty of options for accommodation in walking distance to our windsurfing and sailing school. Guesthouse Seeblick is located at Seeufergasse 17 and only a five minutes’ walk away. We are pleased to help you with the organization of your school sports week or project days.

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